About Us

Our goal is simple. Get more people to love your brand.

We solve real business challenges by connecting entertainment brands with their fans. The websites and supporting digital products we create help share brand stories with new audiences across the globe.

Through strategy, design and development we help you set a path forward, build a great solution and future proof your tech.

  • Clear strategy produces informed decisions.

    We chase down insights to uncover what motivates fans, why they want to connect with your brand and most importantly, what opportunities will get the results you need.

  • The best design goes unnoticed.

    We tackle every project with purpose and passion to design solutions that create value for your business and your fans.

  • Good development feels like magic.

    We live for innovation but not at the sacrifice of optimization and quality. Our development process ensures every interaction feels intuitive and inspires action.

Our process

Our process is designed to move us from a general problem to a specific one, so that we’re always creating the right solution, in the right way. By focusing on the four distinct steps of Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver, we stay focused on our goal of connecting with current fans and converting new ones.

Designing the right thingGeneral problemSpecific problemSpecific solutionDesigning the thing rightDiscoverDefineDevelopDeliver
General problemDesigning the right thingSpecific problemDesigning the thing rightSpecific SolutionDiscoverDefineDevelopDeliver

Our services

  • Discover

    • User & market research
    • User personas & scenarios
    • Usability testing
    • Content & performance audits
    • Accessibility audits
    • COPPA compliance
  • Define

    • Opportunity & growth identification
    • Digital brand strategy
    • Content strategy
    • Customer experience strategy
    • Feature prioritization
    • Campaign planning
    • Product & service roadmaps
  • Develop

    • Brand style guides
    • Responsive & accessible websites
    • Email and loyalty marketing
    • Mobile applications
    • Connected toys
    • Content management systems
    • Content creation
  • Deliver

    • Quality assurance testing
    • Performance data analysis
    • A/B testing
    • Live usability testing
    • Ongoing customer relationship management
    • Ongoing audience growth strategy
    • Roadmap adjustments

Our leadership

We truly believe in connecting brands to fans because we're fans too. We’re always thinking about what brought us to the brands we love, what keeps us coming back and why we’re proud to make them part of our lives. The insights and instincts of our leadership team are directly involved in all of the work we do, ensuring that our depth of experience is going right into your project.

  • Jeremy Burrows

    Founder & CEO

  • Elizabeth Burrows

    Director of Culture

  • Justin Renvoize

    Creative Director

  • Liam Egan

    Director of Technology

  • Kirby Shulman

    Director of Projects

  • Greg Hoy

    Director of Operations

Our values

We are collaborative and curious doers with really high standards. Everything we create is done by challenging the conventional and giving every aspect of the production process the respect it deserves.

  • We are collaborative

    The right solution comes from diversity of thought. This diversity relies on respectful and open communication that builds upon the various strengths of the team.

  • We are curious

    We always ask why. By challenging the conventional we are able to research and develop more effective solutions.

  • We are ethical

    Our reputation is built on being accountable and trustworthy. This builds confidence and mutual respect with our clients and our teammates.

  • We are producers of quality work

    With the belief that we can always do better, we push each other to do our absolute best within the constraints we have.

  • We are doers

    Problems are for solving and the best way to solve them is to roll-up our sleeves and get going. Focusing on measurable progress over perfection helps us achieve great results with the time and information we have.

But enough about us. This is really about you.