We The Collective DEI Statement

Respect, equity, diversity and inclusion

Creating a respectful, equitable, inclusive and diverse culture where all colleagues can reach their potential and develop further is extremely important to We The Collective.

Our commitment to creating a workplace free from discrimination, bullying, harassment and violence, while creating an environment of openness to people’s backgrounds, differences, ideas and opinions as well as equitable opportunities has been a driving force since our founding.


Ensuring that all job applicants and colleagues receive equitable treatment and access to opportunities (positions, pay, promotions) is deeply embedded in our culture.

We work to make sure all our colleagues help contribute to our success while we help reach their full potential, regardless of their identities, creed, race, ethnicity or background.


Diversity within We The Collective shapes who we are, how we grow, how we adapt and how we engage with others to further our journey to a fully inclusive workplace.

We ensure that what makes us different is celebrated and we encourage our colleagues to connect over their experiences, backgrounds, skills, talents and identities (whether visible, invisible, born with or acquired).


Inclusion is about helping all our colleagues feel welcome while creating equitable opportunities to connect, belong, and grow.

It allows our team to function at their best while contributing fully to We The Collective and ensures they have their voice heard. Additionally, inclusion helps us to create a space where everyone can influence decision-making processes; has access to information and resources; and has the opportunity to advance their skills and grow within/beyond their roles. Finally, Inclusion recognizes, welcomes, and makes space for diversity.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to transparency, equitable opportunities for all, and a workplace that is open to people’s backgrounds, differences, ideas, perspectives, and opinions.

We The Collective colleagues were offered the opportunity to share more about their own identities, helping us to build initiatives that engage and educate our team to develop stronger relationships with our current and future colleagues, as well as our business partners.

Colleagues were encouraged to use self-identified language to allow them the freedom to share without bias as they voluntarily took part in a survey.

Our hope is that by sharing this data we can continue to be transparent with our team, learn about our blind spots and continue to work toward a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Our Team


Out of those surveyed, we found that We The Collective colleagues predominantly identified themselves as female, male, and/or women with those surveyed often including their preferred pronouns of she/her and he/him.

Additionally, colleagues further identified themselves as bisexual, queer, gay, heterosexual and/or straight.

Job descriptions:

Of our colleagues who identified as female and/or women, half identified themselves as manager-level or above; this speaks to our dedication to creating equitable opportunities and closing the gender pay gap.

Breaking our leadership team down further, those who participated identified as white and/ or caucasian. Of those whose job descriptions could be categorized as a lead or manager, it was found that our colleagues identified as Caucasian, Western European, Polish or white. For individual contributors (those not in leadership, lead or manager roles), colleagues identified as Caucasian, Asian, Latin, and/or white.


We recognize the importance of perspectives of up and coming talent, as well as seasoned professionals. A team that brings new ideas and current trends, tenured experience, mentorship and developed or developing skills, is crucial to the success of We The Collective as we continue to push for creative success.

Out of those surveyed, it was found that the median age of our colleagues is 37 years old with the average age being 40.75 years old. The youngest age captured by the survey was 28 the oldest was 54 (as of March 2024).

Race and ethnicity:

Of those surveyed, colleagues self-identified as Asian, Caucasian, Eastern European, Latin and/or White.

Disabilities and Neurodiversity:

Creating an environment where our team feels comfortable sharing their needs is at the core of our culture. We recognize a need for flexibility when it comes to in-office and at-home work conditions, flexibility in work capacities or time for doctor’s appointments. This is underscored by our paid sick days, generous paid time off and extended benefits packages.

Of those surveyed, some identified as being disabled and/or neurodiverse.

Parental status:

We The Collective values our parents. We celebrate and understand that there is no one way to parent and that oftentimes, parenting needs flexibility. We encourage our colleagues to prioritize family (no matter how that looks) with our open communication policy. We’re always willing to find ways to help our team put their family first.

*This demographic data, sourced in March 2024, is voluntarily shared by employees. While we feel confident in the conclusions of this data, it may not exactly match the general We The Collective population.

If you have any further questions about our diversity, equity and inclusion statement and how we incorporate it into our projects, hiring process and culture, please contact us to chat.