Pokemon Trading Card Game

Case Study

Pokémon TCG Portal

Bringing Pokémon trading cards to life online

The Challenge

Through in depth research, we learned that existing Pokémon fans were hungry to increase their card knowledge, while new fans needed a fun and educational Pokémon Trading Card Game experience to get them excited. To achieve this we needed to completely rework the way cards could be explored and experienced digitally. And we wanted to do it in a way that Pokémon could easily manage.

The Solution

We started by tackling two major design challenges. First, we collaborated with the Pokémon design team to give the Pokémon TCG a consistent digital look and feel. Then we created a content template that was easy to scale, so that current cards can be quickly found and future expansions can be easily integrated into the site. Our development team took it from there by building an innovative new content architecture, stronger codebase and an easy to use CMS, while making the entire experience fully accessible for all Pokémon fans.

The Outcome

Through honest collaboration, clear communication and a drive to deliver a quality product, we future proofed the website for years to come. Now Pokémon can add major expansions or simple bits of timely content in minutes instead of days. And most importantly, Pokémon fans can easily engage with the cards they love in fun new ways.