What goes into a successful gaming site? | Insights

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The complete guide for a successful gaming site to support your next launch

March 2024

  • Liam Egan, Director of Technology
  • Ariel Hitchcock, UX Design Lead

For gaming brands like yours, knowing what to include on your site constitutes a high-wire act. Reveal too much and your most dedicated fans miss the chance to be surprised amid the hours of gameplay your title has to offer. However, if you don’t show enough, your current fans won’t get excited for what’s new. Worse, users who are new to your brand might not become customers at all.

With ongoing advances in social media, gaming sites are no longer the sole drivers of a successful campaign. However, with the right strategy and an experienced design and development partner, you can ensure your customers learn just enough from your site to keep them excited to start playing—no matter where they’re coming from.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • Why gaming sites are still an essential means to connect with your new and future fans.
  • The four questions every gaming site should answer.
  • How to ensure your gaming site avoids potential roadblocks on its way to design.
  • Why the right agency partner works best when provided with problems—not solutions.
  • How your site can accommodate accessibility and a rich visual experience.