Your guide to creating a generational brand | Insights

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How do you build a generational brand?

November 2022

  • Justin Renvoize, Creative Director
  • James Chutter, Digital Strategist

As your brand continues to debate strategies to target a fickle young demographic, you may feel like you’re picking a lock with your marketing. There must be some timely combination of channels and messaging that will connect with the youth audience you need, right?

Maybe. But do you want to leverage generational marketing for your next launch and try tapping into some mythical trend that makes your brand the hottest commodity for one moment in time? Or do you want to stop reaching for the impossible and form a lasting connection with a multigenerational audience that speaks to their needs rather than their demographic details?

When you build a generational brand, your marketing gains a skeleton key. Instead of trying to unlock the secret to understanding a narrow audience, you address the real experiences that reach beyond the habits of Gen Z, Zoomers, or whatever label you choose.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • The lines separating generational divides — and how they shift.
  • Why trying to market to a generation leads to frustration.
  • How changing generational traits and trends leave market research behind.
  • What you need to be able to build a generational brand.
  • How Nike and the NFL remain authentic while capturing new audiences.
  • Why marketing to youth can’t be solved by being “cool.”